We asked our respondents to rate how the next statements resonate with them:
of respondents answered either with an “absolutely yes” or “rather yes” to the question whether astrology helps them find a deeper understanding of themselves.
Why do people believe
in astrology?
There’s a lot of data to prove that astrology is now at the peak of its popularity. In fact, ‘Modern Mystic’ — which is rated as one of Pinterest’s top trends in 2021— recorded a sixfold, year-on-year increase in searches for facts and meanings about zodiac signs. The US Psychic Services also grew its market value to over $2.2 billion in 2021 alone. And lastly, a 2018 Pew Poll showed that 29 percent of Americans already claim to believe in psychology.

But why do people believe in astrology?
To answer this, we carried out a survey among 5000 Nebula app users in June of 2021.
Who Participated in the Survey?
In comparison to previous questions, much fewer respondents chose the answers «Absolutely yes» to questions about changing their plans or attitude, especially regarding themselves or people they felt incompatible with. This means that astrology first works as a tool for self-discovery and self-reflection, as well as a tool to build a better relationship with yourself and others.
The fact that less than 50% answered «rather yes» on the last three questions means that bad compatibility and horoscopes don’t work as a decision-making tool; rather, they are tools to either reflect on your new relationship and plans.
Our team has always been a firm believer in the positive impact of astrology. We constantly receive feedback from our users and review every single one of our tags. But this wasn’t enough. You see, we wanted to know more about our users by diving deeper and analyzing the data. Our goal was to precisely understand what nourishes Nebula users to develop a more efficient and resourceful app.

The mission of Nebula is to inspire people to find their way to happiness with the help of quality astrology-based services and our community. We are proud to confirm that astrology indeed positively impacts people’s lives from the feedback we collect from our users. Furthermore, we ensure that astrology is used as a tool for self-reflection, discovery, building a better relationship with others, and, as a result, becoming a happier being!
Quite often, people expect astrology to reveal their destiny which is “set in stone.” Or perhaps to reveal some grandiose event that’s bound to happen in the future! However, Modern Western astrology practices are much more proactive. They serve as a tool for analysis and forecasting to help you navigate your life more effectively and make informed decisions with a higher level of certainty.

Astrology, therefore, empowers people and gives them more control over their life. It makes them better understand their place in this world and the course of action they need to take to improve their quality of life.
Astrology is a diagnostic tool to understand the potential threats and opportunities coming our way and what abilities we possess to work out the solution. It is neither a weapon nor magic; it simply reflects what lies inside you. Like a true friend, it helps you understand and prepares you for future situations. It guides you but never forces you. It is like a mirror that shows you the actual image but never creates an image itself. Sometimes looking in the mirror, we find things that we neglect through our open eyes.
Alex Fedorov, founder and CEO of Nebula
Over 90%
Yana Yanovich, top Western astrologer at Nebula
Svetlana, top Vedic astrologer at Nebula
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